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fine art appraisal services

Carefully researched and documented certified appraisal reports conform to the professional guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.  Megan is an U.S.P.A.P. certified appraiser and earned a Certificate in Appraisal Studies from New York University, where she studied valuation methodology, IRS appraisal requirements, blockage analysis, and expert testimony.

Appraisals provided for:

  1. • insurance

  2. • damage and loss

  3. • estate tax and estate planning

  4. • collateral loans

  5. • market strategy

  6. • equitable distribution

collectors and professionals

Independent appraisal reports provided for private collectors and their advisors including:

  1. • the insurance industry

  2. • attorneys and estate planners

  3. • wealth advisors and financial managers

  4. • the banking industry

Megan Fox Kelly is a Chubb Masterpiece Protection Network Preferred Provider








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